Friday 1 October 2021

Walkman One for NW-ZX300Series

The Walkman One firmware is now available for the NW-ZX300Series players.

Big thanks to Nayparm at for his generous donation of a WM1A (after having to sell mine, unfortunately), and to everyone who supported me so far! 🍺

As with the other recent releases, this firmware integrates the Midnight and Dawn sound signatures as "Warm" and "Bright", and adds a "Neutral" sound signature, as well as the WM1Z sound.

The Bright/Dawn signature that can be found in this firmware was not previously released as standalone.

The "Neutral" sound signature is a combination of Midnight and Dawn.

You can choose your sound signature from the settings file.

If you're using some other custom firmware on the ZX300, you'll first have to revert to stock, using the StockRevert package made for your installed firmware.

For more info about the settings file, firmware installation and reverting stock, and more, please check out the FAQ section.