Friday 17 December 2021

"Love Live! Sunshine!!" edition coming to all Walkman players

A nice visitor of this website contacted me recently, asking if there's a way to make the "Love Live! Sunshine!!" edition (that exists only for some NW-A50Series players) available to everyone, given that he already owns one of these special edition NW-A50 players.

Fortunately, that is possible, so installers for this will come soon for NW-A30, NW-A40, NW-A50, NW-ZX300, and NW-WM1A/WM1Z, and it will work without any issues with the custom firmware, as well as with the stock firmware. Of course, there will also be installers to revert the icons to their stock appearance.

These special edition NW-A50 players are selling for as much as $400 on websites like eBay, so I think it will be nice if people can get this on their players without having to pay such amounts of money.

This is the NW-WM1A with the special icons